After focusing (perennial Photographer pun) on my clients, headshot sessions and Commercial Photography, I am spreading my wings and my lenses for a new challenge on an old idea:


At the end of the day, or decade, it is a matter of finding Nemo, aka happiness. The freedom to make images from raw elements, pick my subjects, set my schedule and sell Art Photography truly is my career paradise.

Here I am, launching my Etsy store, alongside with this new website. Selling prints, canvases and a few digital files to include international customers. 

Making Art. Having the privilege to work with what I love. When I am not photographing for a living, I am thinking Photography. Vacations and small trips are another reason to carry my Canon around, trying to find a good shot, or hopefully 20.

"Pick a style, a theme", they said. Makes sense. In the world of Photography, there is absolutely a boatload of choices. I was working in Portraiture and Commercial, but Nature was always there, as my weekend passion. 

Did I write boatload? I am in Florida, for St. Pete's sake. This is a peninsula,  the longest coastline in the contiguous United States. We are surrounded by ocean water on 3 sides. I live in Tampa and its West Coast amazing sunsets, birds, wildlife... Therefore I decided to make this shop about what is available and appealing to me: Beachscapes. Marine life. Nautical.

Of course, it also helps that I was born in an ocean friendly city. Beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I came to the US in 1999 and became a citizen, and this biculturalism translates into my life and work. 

Moreover, I am the daughter of a Brazilian Navy Captain and Photographer. Actually, both the ocean lifestyle and Photography run in my family, I wonder if salt runs in our veins. Particularly sailboats have been in my life for a really long time...

The idea of having my images hanging on walls in people's homes all over the world makes me humbly proud, childishly joyful, and beyond thankful.

Wish me luck? Well, it's really about hard work, but I would appreciate sincere success wishes.

Thanks for reading!