Stop everything! I am pushing the pause button on my beach Photography today...

World Cup opening ceremony watching is part of my childhood memories... Born and raised in Brazil, no brainer soccer runs in my veins and World Cup is my favorite sports event. As a Brazilian-American, I am so sad the US did not qualify, a major setback, but I believe we will keep making progress, soccer has been growing in skills and popularity here.

I am thrilled that the World Cup 2026 will be played here and in our neighbors Canada and Mexico. I believe this unique combination of three different countries, North America coming together and bringing their own flavors and backgrounds to welcome the world to celebrate friendship and sportsmanship will be outstanding. We can all use more of that.

In Brazil, the country stops every time the national team plays. You can hear a pindrop in the busy streets of Rio as soon as the whistle blows. It is a source of pride in a country so troubled by Politics, social and economic challenges. A breath of fresh air and a possibility of victory in hard times. It is a big deal there.

I remember putting on my jersey, gathering my favorite people around good food and hopes. I miss them and all this today. The passion is contagious and it is all about family time to me.

Yup, I am a Daddy's girl for sure. Yes, I am 50 and he is 92 and I still say that. That kind of love is timeless, what can I say?

Dad is a Brazilian Navy veteran, a Photographer, a soccer player. No wonder I love Photography, the beach and the ocean (have you noticed my image making choice?), and soccer!

But I do get the Poetry gene from mom...

Anyway, I am so ready to cheer for my dear #Brazil!!! May the games begin!

UPDATE: Politics, singers, all aside, it is all about soccer to me. And memories.

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